Student Hides In Boyfriend’s Boot To Catch Friend Trying To Sleep With Him

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Aug 2019 11:36

Warning: Explicit Content

Student Hides In Boyfriend's Boot To Catch Friend Trying To Sleep With HimKennedy News and Media

A student hid in her boyfriend’s car boot in a stealthy bid to catch out a friend who had been trying to seduce him.


Samantha, 18, was left in shock after boyfriend Jacob, 19, revealed her supposed friend had begun flirting with him online.

After the friend sent Jacob yet another flirtatious, late-night text pestering him to pick her up, the couple decided to expose her ways.


Samantha slipped into the boot of Jacob’s car and listened the friend proceeded to chat him up. Eventually Jacob hopped out of the car under the pretence of getting condoms out of the boot.


Samantha, who has been dating Jacob for eight months, said:

I wanted to see how far she would take it and what she would do to my boyfriend behind closed doors. So my boyfriend offered to put me in the trunk three blocks away from the party and I just got in and he closed me in before pulling into her driveway.

It was very small and very cramped. I’m 5″11 so I’m huge. So I was squished. She got in the car and I was in the boot, but we had cracked the seats [forward] so I could hear a bit. It was a bit muffled.

I heard the door open and close, and then she shouted ‘Jacob’. It sounded to me like she was drunk but I found out later, she was completely sober. I was shocked.

I heard her say, ‘you have no idea how long I have wanted to f*** you’. So my boyfriend was not really feeding into it so much, but was just going, ‘oh yeah? Uhuh. What else?’ [It was] just to try and get more out of her because he knew I was recording the whole thing.

Samantha added:

I got to hear her tell my boyfriend everything she would like to do to him. She’s not very creative, let me tell you that.

It was so cringey. I was like, ‘I could jump through this seat, scare the s*** out of her, punch her, make her jump out of the car’.

But I was thinking, ‘no, you’ve known how this is going to be the whole time, you’ve practised self-restraint this long, let this play out how it needs to play out’.

I was just sitting there laughing my ass off.


At this point, Detective Samantha leaped out of the boot and slid into the backseat of the car, bold as brass. The friend, who was sat in the front seat, already had her shorts pulled down to her knees, in apparent anticipation.

Boyfriend car boot cheating Samantha Grywalsky studentKennedy News and Media

Samantha snapped a pic of her mortified mate before she could get her pants back on, having quite literally caught her with her pants down.

According to Samantha:


After he had finished ‘rummaging around for his condoms’ in the trunk, he opened it enough for me to get out and I got into the back seat and she turned and her face was fucking gold.

It was so funny. She looked like her dog had just ran into the street. It was like a frozen face of shock and she immediately dropped it when I half-smiled at her.

She said, ‘hi Samantha’ as if I didn’t already know. We were in the parking lot in the middle of the night – where did she think I came from?

Jacob and Samantha both ended up leaving the woman at a McDonald’s, letting her to find another way back home.

Samantha apparently isn’t too bothered about the loss of her friendship, however she is reportedly pretty chuffed to find out just how honest her boyfriend is.

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