Student Knocks Out Boy Who Punched His Female Teacher


Respect for teachers isn’t something you see a lot of, but this kid went way too far.

The student completely floors the kid, who appears to have gone off the rails, swinging his fists around in a rage, and hitting the female teacher in the face.

The teacher, dressed in white, with glasses, got clipped when she tried to break up the classroom fight, but a valiant pupil jumped to her rescue.

You can really hear the connection between fist and face…he meant that one.

Not only does he knock out one troublemaker, but he also throws the other to the floor.


He shouts:

Watch the fuck out, you just hit the fucking teacher

Chill your shit, you just hit the fucking teacher, you don’t fucking do that. Who the fuck do you think you are?

When the teacher steps in, he says to her: “He just fucking hit you, that’s not cool.”

Do you think he went too far or do you think his actions were justified?