Student Points Gun At Oblivious Teacher’s Back While He Teaches Class

by : Lucy Connolly on : 30 Oct 2019 13:36
Boy points gun at teachers head 1CEN

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moment a teenage boy pulls out a gun and points it at his teacher, who has his back to him as he teaches a lesson.

The incident took place in a school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was recorded in July by other students within the class. The footage has only just been released by local media.


In the video, the teacher can be seen writing on the whiteboard and speaking to two male students at the front of the class in the school Emaus of El Palomar. Two other male students stand behind him.

You can watch what happens next below:


The teacher, named in reports as Eduardo Seco, has his back turned to the rest of the class when one of the students standing behind him pulls out a pistol and points it at the teacher’s head. Another student mimics holding the gun.


The video was shared among students on WhatsApp, where someone’s father saw what had happened and reported the incident to the school. Education inspector Cecilia Barton said the student had since handed in the gun in the video and that it was a replica.

However, Rafael Matozzo, the legal representative of the school, claimed: ‘I do not know if what they brought me was the same one that was used’.

It’s not yet known if the authorities investigating the case have confirmed the gun was a replica.

boy points gun at teacherCEN

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The four students, aged 17, will be allowed to continue their studies this year but will not be allowed to return to the school in 2020. The pupils reportedly described the incident as a ‘joke’ and said they did not want to make their teacher feel uncomfortable.

The school authorities have since shared a press release after the story was published, stating:

Due to the footage shared recently by media inside a classroom months ago, we would like to inform the school community that the incident has already been dealt with by the institution – following the protocols of the current rules of the province of Buenos Aires – which means a sanction for the students involved in the case.

Seco has been teaching at the school for over 20 years, and reportedly did not want to see the video initially but was ‘convinced’ to. Rafael Matozzo described his reaction as ‘shocked’, but said the teacher did not have any problems with the students in the video.

boy points gun at teacherCEN

Police sources said Seco did not want to report the case to the police, but an investigation was initiated when the video was shared on social media. Prosecutor Gabriel Nicolas Iturri is in charge of the investigation as it continues.

Education inspector Cecilia Barton confirmed the students had apologised to the teacher both in a letter and in person.

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