Student Pulled Up By Professor Over DMs She Thought Were Private During Zoom Class

by : Cameron Frew on : 26 Apr 2020 18:59
Student Pulled Up By Professor For Zoom DMs @faith.kimiko/TikTok

Zoom classes have seen a huge uptick during the outbreak. Be wary of chatting to your mates though; your professor may be able to see more than you think. 

Back in university, lectures and tutorials were a breeding ground for banter. Whether it be hushed laughs or clandestine messaging, procrastinating was never a problem when your pals are all in the same bored boat.


However, with online classes, things are a little different. On Zoom, there’s a chat function, allowing you to participate in large group chats or one-on-one, seemingly private messages. If you want to talk sh*t, do it on another app – or you could face the same wrath as Faith.

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Faith, a student from Tokyo, Japan, is one of many participating in Zoom classes amid the virus’ impact on education. However, until recently, she was oblivious to the impending revelation of an email from her professor. It turns out those private messages weren’t so private after all.

The email read: 


I’m reaching out to you to inform you that I can see everything you write in the chat discussion. My class session is not the appropriate time to be sending messages like ‘I’m a bougie ass, ratchet ass, freak bitch…’

It is very disruptive to the class and I do NOT condone this kind of behaviour during my lectures. I strongly advise you to keep the inappropriate comments to yourself from now on or else it will jeapordise your final grade for this course.

Now even that made me gulp. Faith explained: ‘Apparently, your professors have the power to enable all convos on Zoom. I also had multiple professors quoting my tweet to confirm it… y’all might as well send your sorry email before they confront you… and yes I apologised to that lady.’

Plenty of people are revelling in the cringe of it all, already, Faith’s tweet has racked up more than 27,500 retweets and 182,000 likes. One user wrote: ‘They have to much power on that damn app, I was talking shit and unaware that my professor had UNMUTED me.’


Another user replied: ‘WAITTTTTT LFMOAOOOO I’ve been saying some wild shit in them chats ughhhhh.’

What’s interesting is that Zoom’s website specifically notes that ‘private messages between participants are not viewable by the host’, however some allege that hosts get a transcript of all chats at the end of a meeting.

The moral of this story: don’t use Zoom to talk to your pals during a class. Simple.


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