Students Forced To Destroy Phones After Being Caught With Them In Class


Students were taught a harsh lesson after being caught with their phones in class as they were made to destroy them. 


I think we’ve all been guilty of going on our phones in school at one time or another. Whether you were someone who strategically hid your device behind a book, or one of the risk takers who glanced down below the desk to send a text, the no-phone rule was made to be broken.

But the kids who took that risk at one particular school were made to regret it, as the teachers made them destroy the distracting items in front of a big audience.


Check out the video here:

Cell phone destruction

Students being made to destroy their own cell phones after being caught with them in class.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Thursday, 25 April 2019

The footage showed the embarrassed-looking students approach a big stage, where they were faced with their phones and a big hammer.

One by one, they had to destroy their devices, which were almost definitely very expensive. Some were more reluctant than others, with the first four culprits giving the mobiles a few courteous hits before sheepishly getting out of the spotlight.

However, the final boy had clearly decided to go all in. I suppose if you absolutely have to destroy your phone, you might as well have fun doing it.

Students forced to smash phones after being caught on them in classShanghaiist/Facebook

The student picked up the hammer and started hitting his phone repeatedly, simultaneously managing to come across both as though he didn’t have a care in the world, while also seeming to put a lot of effort into it.

He even went to town on the other people’s phones while he was at it, presumably using the activity to unleash his frustration at being caught. The mobiles bounced around on the stage as he gave each of them a final hit, before finally discarding the hammer and turning to face the crowd.

Unfortunately the video cut there, but I sincerely hope he took a bow after his impressive display.


The school seemed to use the display as a warning to all the other students, who’d been gathered to witness the harsh punishment. I imagine the art of typing without looking is a very coveted skill in that school.

The video has been viewed over 155,000 times since it was shared on social media, where it also gained a lot of comments from amused viewers.

Students forced to smash phones after being caught on them in classShanghaiist/Facebook

One person commented:

I would like to see one to try to destroy a Nokia phone

While another pitched a clever, if slightly evil, idea, writing:

I would ask my friend to borrow his phone.

I think it’s safe to say the students would have learned their lessons after that punishment.

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