Study Finds Men And Women Can Never Be ‘Just Friends’

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jul 2017 16:38

Can men and women ever truly be just friends without looking at each other on a night out and thinking ‘I wouldn’t say no, tbh’?


Can two straight male and female friends spend as much time together as they would their guy or girl mates and never question whether it could or should go further?

I don’t personally know, not being a virgin. However, judging by a new survey the answer is a flat-out no.

Social network MeetMe studied 6,500 of its users and found that over half of people admitted to fantasising about shagging their best mate of the opposite gender. If that wasn’t evidence enough, four out of 10 said they’d actually slept with that very friend. Another two thirds fessed up to be willing to do it if the opportunity presented itself.

Others feel as if the problem lies in how people define what friendship is.


Evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar spoke to the Telegraph, revealing that women view their best friends as ‘soul mates’ while men see them as ‘convenient’.

He said:

What determined with original friendships whether they survived with girls was whether they made effort to talk more to each other one the phone.

Talking had absolutely no effect on boys’ relationships at all. What held up their friendships was doing stuff together. Going to a football match, going to the pub for a drink, playing five a side. They had to make the effort.

So basically, a guy who goes to get a drink with a girl friend will just replace that friend if she becomes unavailable whereas women feel a more close personal attachment to doing activities with and talking to a friend of the opposite sex.

Interesting. What do you guys think?

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