Study Reveals Brits’ Biggest Regret Is Worrying Too Much

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A recent study has revealed that most Brits’ biggest regret is worrying too much, closely followed by drinking too much the night before, watching too much television and marrying the wrong person.

In a poll of 2,000 adults commissioned by Lottoland it was revealed Brits wish they had done life differently regretting things like not learning a second language and holding grudges.

Also making it to the list of the top 40 things Brits regret is taking life too seriously, saying ‘no’ too often to potentially exciting opportunities, smoking, drinking and not exercising enough.


In fact the research showed that four in 10 adults in the UK have one or many regrets with relationship woes being common ones as a tenth admitted they had either married the wrong person or failed to break off an unhappy relationship sooner.

Regrets concerning family were also regularly mentioned as one in seven admitted they wished they’d had more children with one in 10 regretting not having kids at all.

When it comes to career choices, people regret choosing the wrong job, not asking for a bigger salary and working too much.

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According to the study the average Brit has around seven regrets spending an hour every single day thinking and thinking about them.

One in 10 actually mull over their regrets and bad decisions for up to four hours each day with one third of all Brits admitting this keeps them up at night.

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland, said it is important to remain positive though reflecting on the good decisions you have made, saying:

As the end of the year draws closer, many of us will be reflecting on the things we regret. Some may wish they’d taken more chances and invested more money.

But it’s also important to focus on the achievements and good things we have in our lives – our health, our families and friends, or a promotion at work.

It’s also never too late to rectify these regrets – go on more dates, master that skill, and look to 2019 with excitement and fresh eyes.

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Thankfully the study also showed that Brits have a lot to be proud of with more than four in 10 saying they are happy they made and maintained relationships with family and friends.

And while some regret their career choices a quarter of those surveyed were content with the professional decisions they made feeling a sense of achievement hitting goals and aspirations.

One in four of those polled would describe themselves as being financially comfortable although some wished they had saved more money.

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