Supermarket Trials Awesome Campaign To Cut Food Waste And Feed The Whole Family


UK Supermarket chain ASDA are trialing a new method to cut down on food waste and it is proving very popular with customers.

In a bid to prevent food being unnecessarily discarded just for being slightly ugly, ASDA have launched a £3.50 ‘Wonky Veg Box’.

The box contains a wide variety of seasonal veg and according to The Independent the supermarket claims it will be enough to feed a family of four for a week.

The low cost of the box is apparently due to the moderately increased preparation time associated with the misshaped vegetables.

There are 128 stores currently included in the trial, and you can find out if your local store has made the cut by visiting ASDA’s site.

The Independent argues that 15 percent of potatoes and parsnips currently do not make it to the supermarket as a result of minor blemishes, and unconventional sizes.

So the scheme will also prove positive for farmers who will now see more of their produce make it to the shelves.

The offer is going down very well with customers online…

There has been some early frustration with the choice of stores included in the trial so far though…

But based on the popularity of the concept alone these customers probably won’t be upset for too long.

ASDA has echoed that the wonky veg box is at the trial stage and will potentially be rolled out to other locations soon.