Surgeon Carried On Working Until Two Days Before Dying From Secret Cancer

by : UNILAD on : 05 Dec 2016 21:33

A seriously brave surgeon continued to work through her terminal cancer until two days before she died. 


The 43-year-old medical professional, Sarah Prince, was sadly diagnosed with terminal bile duct cancer in September, The Mirror reports and kept it hidden from her colleagues until just before her untimely death.

The fearless surgeon, who was no stranger to saving other people’s lives, decided to keep it a secret from her fellow staff at Belford Hospital in Fort William, so she could continue to ‘live as normal a life as possible.’

15134759_10153953202752536_6174617641850993510_n15134759_10153953202752536_6174617641850993510_nFacebook/ Patrick Byrne

Her husband, also a health professional, Dr Patrick Byrne, broke the news of her passing on Facebook, saying she would want friends to ‘celebrate how much she lived life to the maximum.’


He wrote:

She was such a strong-willed, intelligent and caring person and will be missed by many.

When we found out she had cancer in September, she was very clear that she didn’t want to tell people and I respected that.

She was working until two days before she died and enjoyed the normality and the banter of her colleagues.

970608_10151440861607536_1804886075_n970608_10151440861607536_1804886075_nFacebook/ Patrick Byrne

Tragically, Sarah died on 19th November and was described by one junior doctor as, a ‘brilliant surgeon and an inspiration.’

A spokesperson for NHS Highland described the valiant surgeon’s contribution to healthcare in Lochaber, as ‘immense.’

Our thoughts are with her friends and family at this difficult time.

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    Surgeon carried on working through secret cancer battle until just two days before she died aged 43