Suspected QAnon Figure Tells Followers To Go Back To Their Real Lives Now

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 21 Jan 2021 11:15
Suspected QAnon Figure Tells Followers To Go Back To Their Real Lives NowPA Images

Ron Watkins, a former administrator of 8kun and 8chan, has told QAnon believers to respect the constitution and go back to their normal lives.

Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory made up many of the people that stormed the US Capitol on January 6. The group believe that Donald Trump was waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media.


In the wake of the riot, there were then additional fears that QAnon believers would attempt to pose as members of the National Guard during Joe Biden’s inauguration, but fortunately that doesn’t appear to have been the case.

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Watkins’ father, Jim, owns 8kun – the successor to 8chan – and the pair have previously been accused of being Q themselves, although they have both denied these allegations.

According to VICE, despite denying their involvement, there is ‘no question’ the pair were exponents of the QAnon movement.


Following Biden being sworn into office yesterday, January 20, Watkins took to Telegram – one of the biggest QAnon channels – under his online pseudonym, CodeMonkeyz, yesterday afternoon and told fellow QAnon believers to respect the constitution.

As per Global News, he wrote:

We gave it our all. Now we need to keep our chins up and go back to our lives as best we are able.

We have a new president sworn in and it is our responsibility as citizens to respect the Constitution regardless of whether or not we agree with the specifics or details regarding officials who are sworn in.

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He continued by telling people to ‘remember all the friends and happy memories’ made over the ‘past few years’.

While his tone implied he might be backing off from the Q community, CodeMonkeyz finished the post informing people that he’s ‘working on a new project’ that he would tell them more about in a few days.

With Trump’s time in office now having come to a close, QAnon believers were left shocked to find that they had been lied to.

Alex Kaplan, senior researcher for Media Matters, wrote on Twitter yesterday, ‘Today is Inauguration Day. It will be a milestone day for QAnon supporters. We may see splintering as Biden takes office between those realizing QAnon isn’t real & those doubling down & moving the goalposts.’


Sharing a picture of a poll conducted on a QAnon Telegram channel, five options were given that were described as ‘plausible outcomes’ of inauguration day, one being that Biden would be arrested before he was sworn in.

After nothing like this happened at the inauguration, many QAnon supporters took to the channel to express their anger and disappointment.

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