Swedish Guy Who Created Kiwi Pizza Says Wife Divorced Him After It Went Viral

by : Julia Banim on : 08 Sep 2020 17:31
Stellan Johansson

When Stellan Johansson of Skottorp, Sweden, was gifted 10kg worth of kiwi fruit by his brother last Christmas, he had absolutely no clue whatsoever as to what to do with them.

There were far too many to chow them down fresh – without, of course, ending up with a terrible stomach ache – and so Stellan decided it would be ‘funny’ to use them in some sort of recipe.


His friend Bjørn from Norway was always talking about the bizarre banana-based dishes that he fancied trying, and Stellan thought he’d follow suit, replacing bananas with kiwi. He had no idea at this time just how divisive this idea would prove to be.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

Stellan told UNILAD:

The difference between me and Bjørn is that I cook and eat the dishes. Bjørn just talks about doing it. One of the dishes was the kiwi pizza.


Earlier this year, UNILAD reported on the chaos that unfolded when Stellan unveiled his pizza online, with many foodies expressing unbridled shock and repulsion at the sight of the kiwi nestled within the piping hot cheese.

A photograph of the pizza went viral, and even sparked a heated thread on Reddit, where the meal was described as being ‘an unholy abomination’.

At the time, I’ll admit I couldn’t really see why people were so horrified, but then again I’ve always been partial to the ever controversial ham and pineapple pizza. For Stellan, the sudden attention took him completely by surprise.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

Stellan had intended the pizza photo to be a simple ‘joke’ over Facebook, and was taken aback when it suddenly became a full-blown news story, with journalists and radio show hosts deliberating over the grossness of Stellan’s kitchen creation.

It must have been a surreal experience, and has unfortunately led to some negative consequences for Stellan – including the break-up of his marriage.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

Stellan told UNILAD:


I made my kiwi pizza in early January and the world has really changed since then. The world was shut down and I divorced.

The kiwi pizza did not cause the corona – even though I have been accused of it – but I think the kiwi pizza contributed to my divorce.

According to Stellan, his wife thought the idea of ​​cooking with kiwi fruit was ‘stupid’, and became even more angry when the pizza made headlines. Things apparently weren’t so great before the kiwi controversy, and went further downhill afterwards.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

As well as this significant blow to his personal life, Stellan has also had to endure some hateful comments – and even death threats. He has received approximately 50 death threats in total, and believes all of them were sent by ‘Italians living inside or outside of Italy’.


Most of the comments, according to Stellan, are ‘mostly about me destroying Italian culture and that I should die’.

Although he has received many positive messages in the months since going viral, many of us know all too well that it can be the hurtful words that stand out. Luckily, Stellan hasn’t taken these sorts of comments to heart.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

Stellan told UNILAD:

I have not taken the threats so seriously but see them more as jokes.

Stellan has chosen not to report the threats to Facebook – although I would always recommend doing this – and has instead decided to take a very different approach altogether.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

It’s perhaps unsurprising that the majority of the threats have come from Italy, the home of traditional, delicious pizza.

Next year, Stellan and a friend will head out to Italy in a bid to find those who’ve been threatening him, inviting them to join him for a nice hot slice of kiwi pizza.

Stellan revealed:

If we find them, we will offer kiwi pizza to them in Italy. It would be very fun to ask these people why they contacted me about the pizza. Do you think it’s a good idea to go to Italy to eat kiwi pizza with the haters?

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

Stellan also expressed that his ‘goal for 2021’ was to find one hater in particular, inviting them out for ‘kiwi pizza and beer at a pizzeria in Italy’.

The Italian gentleman in question had barged into Stellan’s DMs with the following charming message:

F*ck you stupid b*tch Sveden u don’t put kiwi on pizza u put kiwi on your sister’s nipples. U can mix fruit with pizza its like fruit with 1 dish stupid monkey.

The message feels like an overreaction to say the least, and I can’t say I’d fancy spending much time with such an individual, but Stellan appears determined to at least try to connect.

He and his friend aren’t sure as of yet which parts of Italy they will be travelling to, however they hope to track the haters down using Facebook, contacting them beforehand.

kiwi pizzaStellan Johansson

However, Stellan isn’t at all convinced he will be able to change the naysayers’ minds on the kiwi pizza front, noting, ‘It’s only my four-year-old son who thinks it’s the best pizza.’

He added:

Maybe they will tell it’s taste good but still it’ll not be a pizza for them. Some of my friends in Sweden have eaten the kiwi pizza. They say it tastes good but it’s not the best pizza.

As well as enjoying – or indeed, persevering through – a slice together, Stellan hopes to ask his haters why they chose to send such nasty messages in the first place, remarking, ‘I think it’s stupid.’

It may take some convincing to get these overly passionate pizza lovers on board. However, hopefully Stellan reaching out to them will make them think twice before being aggressive online, cutting through the crust of what divides them and finding a common base.

All the best of luck to Stellan and his pal as they prepare for their mozzarella mission.

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