Sylvester Stallone Dead Rumours Sweep The Internet Again


Despite the fact he tweeted about two days ago, people still seem to reckon Sylvester Stallone is dead for some reason.

The original rumour began to surface about 18 months ago, when users on Facebook reported a fraudulent story doing the rounds that Stallone had been found dead at his LA home.

Obviously, as most things on the internet tend to be, the whole thing was found to be a hoax after the story was linked to a website which was known for creating and disseminating false info on celebrity deaths.

And now, get ready for an inundation of RIP Stallone posts, because the rumour is spreading on social media all over again.

People are saying the actor has been dead since the last rumour circulated, so can’t explain his public appearances since that hoax.

Over the last few weeks, RIP messages have been circulating online, with some even claiming the Rocky star had died from prostate cancer.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to the level it did last time, when Sly had to post a selfie of himself on social media to prove he was in fact alive and well. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, for us people who know Stallone isn’t dead, he has just posted an incredible fan-made poster of Creed II on his Instagram.

To be honest, though the poster isn’t real, it still whets the appetite for the upcoming sequel starring Michael B. Jordan.

If you take a look at his other Insta posts, you’ll see snaps of a man who is clearly still incredibly healthy despite his age, lifting weights which most men half his age wouldn’t even attempt.

The posts are perplexingly still peppered with RIP posts, but most of the people commenting on his images are marvelling at the absolute specimen before them.

He’ll be stepping up his training regime in the coming weeks and months to prepare for the upcoming boxing flick, which will no doubt feature some more boxing from the man himself.

Fight time …FANPOSTER!!! Not official #creed 2 #healthylifestyle #rockybalboa1976

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Sly himself told TMZ he and his old enemy Ivan Drago will be having a bit of a barny in Creed 2, saying:

It wouldn’t be a party without Drago would it? I’m gonna punch him. You know I gotta hit Drago once.

This film cannot come quick enough.