Teacher Changes Hairstyle To Support Bullied Little Girl


A kind-hearted schoolteacher who realised a small girl was being bullied because of her hairstyle changed her own hair to support the little girl.

Barbara Ferreira, who teaches in Sao Paulo, Brazil, said that she noticed the girl was sad after a boy said her hair was ‘ugly’.

Deciding to help the girl Barbara told the little girl that she was wonderful and shouldn’t care about what he was saying but it wasn’t until the next day she really showed her support.


Ferreira copied the little girl’s hairstyle and told her that ‘today I’m beautiful like you’.

A photo of Barbara with her pupil has since gone viral getting more than 142,000 likes and was shared 30,000 times.


She captioned the post:

Yesterday, my student told me there was a boy saying that her hair was ugly. She was very sad. At that moment, the only thing I could tell her was that she was wonderful and shouldn’t care about what he was saying.

Today, I woke up and remembered what happened and decided to wear the same hairstyle she used to wear. When she saw me, she came running to hug me and say that I was beautiful, and I told her: ‘Today I’m beautiful like you!’.

Lets hope the little girl’s feeling better about her hair now and not listening to bullies.