Teacher Has Mind Numbing New Punishment For Lateness

by : UNILAD on : 22 Apr 2016 14:38

If you were still in any doubt, this has got to be iron clad evidence that the times they definitely are a’ changing.


There could now be definitive proof that we’re all now living in a dystopian future where letters and words are just too much effort and fucking emojis have taken over the world

According to Mashable, a school in Chengdu, China, has been making headlines after one of its teachers came up with a unique punishment for pupils who arrive late to class.


Students at the University of Electronic Science and Technology will reportedly now be forced to write out 1,000 emojis for every time they turn up late to class.


It’s not known which teacher came up with this truly imaginative form of torture but we can probably assume their last job involved a shipping container in an aerodrome that ‘technically’ doesn’t exist.


Sadistic as it seems, a closer look at some of the ‘emoji homework’ does show that the students were allowed to (had to) inject some creativity into the process as apparently all 1,000 emojis had to differ from one another.

What’s the emoji for ‘My brain feels like it wants to melt out through my nostrils’ again?

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    Students late for class forced to write 1,000 emojis as punishment