Teacher Suspended After Pupils Find ‘Raunchy’ Old Facebook Posts

Annalisa Altariva teacherAnnalisa Altariva/Facebook

A female maths teacher has been suspended from her role after pupils found risque images of her on social media.

However, the images, of 33-year-old Annalisa Altariva, are from five years ago, when she was not in her current profession.

She’d posted a number of pictures online before starting employment with her school, with one depicting her in a low cut dress while wearing a graduation style hat, and holding a cane with both hands.

Annalisa AltarivaAnnalisa Altariva/Facebook

According to The Sun, there were posts on her Facebook account – which were public, before being deleted – from 2013, which included comments about having ‘big boobs’, as well a joke about how when she meets people ‘the chances are I will inappropriately touch you.’

Ms Altariva, who was born in Italy, is also said to have confessed on Facebook to thinking about sex ‘too much’ and said her greatest achievement was people believed she was likely to be a ‘porn star in the future.’

Pupils at Ninestiles School An Academy, in Birmingham, West Midlands, are believed to have found Ms Altariva’s pictures and comments online, before circulating them around the secondary school, which is based in Acocks Green.

Ms Altariva has now been suspended over the posts despite them being uploaded to her Facebook account five years ago – before she was even an employee at Ninestiles.

Ms Altariva is also understood to have deleted her Facebook account following her suspension from the academy.

One mother-of-three, whose son attends the academy, said of Ms Altariva:

This is beyond a joke now. What sort of people am I having around my kids? You can’t work this job and act like that. People are entitled to a private life, but to parade yourself so openly like this is shameful.


While another, less angered mother-of-two simply stated:

Well Ms Altariva certainly looks like she knows how to have a good time. In fairness she’s obviously a bit older now than she was in the pictures.

The kids have all had a good laugh and you can see why – these teachers are a bit more interesting than the ones we had when I was in school.

And another parent added:

This school goes from bad to worse. Pupils have to stick to strict rules about not talking yet a teacher can prance around semi naked online where young people can see. [sic]

She’s not even trying to hide her behaviour. She’s meant to be a role model. It’s outrageous.

Teacher's Facebook postAnnalisa Altariva/Facebook

Other pictures which were posted on Ms Altariva’s Facebook profile showed her laying on her back, while holding her breasts.

Staff at Ninestiles School An Academy are believed to have caught pupils sharing the pictures among one another before senior colleagues found out and later confronted her over the posts and images.

A spokesman for Ninestiles School An Academy said:

This is a confidential employment matter. We are not able to make any comment at this particular time as we would be breaching our employment regulations.

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