Teacher Who Wrote ‘All Lives Matter’ On Board Lashes Out At Students

by : Hannah Smith on : 23 Aug 2021 12:20
Teacher Who Wrote 'All Lives Matter' On Board Lashes Out At Studentsthe-brixon/Reddit

A teacher has faced backlash after a video of her writing ‘All Lives Matter’ on a board in class went viral.

The teacher, who according to a Reddit thread was a substitute in the class, apparently wrote the message on the whiteboard after seeing that the teacher who ordinarily taught the class had put up a Black Lives Matter sign in the room.


After taking down the anti-racism sign and replacing it with ‘All Lives Matter,’ the substitute teacher was confronted by a number of students in the class, who began questioning why she’d used the slogan – which is frequently used by those opposed to Black Lives Matter protests in an attempt to delegitimise their calls for racial equality.

'Karen' substitute has gone viral (Reddit)Reddit

As the video showed, though it’s since been removed from the original post, in response to the students’ criticisms the teacher became increasingly irate, and attempted to excuse the role of white people in slavery, saying, ‘Who sold who into slavery, did you know African Americans sold African Americans into slavery?’

After a back and forth in which one student left the classroom, towards the end of the lesson another student got up to the whiteboard to erase the ‘All Lives Matter’ message, which angered the teacher even further.


After being shared on Reddit, the video of the ‘Karen’ teacher sparked outrage as people called for her to face repercussions.

Student erases All Lives Matter sign (Reddit)Reddit

‘Did she get fired? I need to know that she got fired!’ one person commented, while another wrote ‘I feel bad for kids growing up and in HS right with such heated political topics and such complete a**holes feeling emboldened to proudly display their hate towards others.’

‘Who wants to bet white Karen white Substitute has a Trump/MAGA bumper sticker on her car out in the parking lot,’ someone else posted.


While the teacher in question hasn’t been identified, the original poster claims she was removed from the class shortly after the incident.

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