Teachers Reveal Cringe Stories Of Students Having A Crush On Them


When you enter puberty and suddenly all you think about it sex, the lust often gets directed at the teachers that you see everyday at school.

Whether they were particularly attractive or not, people would always crush on the young teachers at school, but have you ever wondered what it is like from the teacher’s perspective?

A Reddit thread titled ‘Attractive Teachers of reddit, did you know which students had a crush on you, and what is the strangest or most inappropriate thing you overheard said about you?’, opened pandora’s box of awkward tales.

Reddit user pickleaday told of what happened when she turned her back on a student:

I’m probably too late on this but a year 10 boy got suspended for taking and sending Snapchat photos of my ass whenever I was helping a student in front of him.

It was another boy who showed me and said he wasn’t happy with me being disrespected which was nice!

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TabooTapeworm had three particularly bad incidents:

My top 3 worst incidents: 1. I had a girl come in at lunch. She told me “Mr. I like you”. knowing full well what she meant, I tried to play it off and said as nonchalant as I could, “I like you too, you’re a great student!” She was like “no, I mean I realllly like you”. I couldn’t believe the tenacity.

2. Another student asked me to take a picture with her towards the end of the school year. I obliged and on the last day she printed it out and gave it to me with her instagram on the back and a message about how cute I was.

3. A girl found my Facebook and saved my profile picture as the background to her phone. I deleted my Facebook promptly afterward.
If only I could get that kind of attention from girls my own age -_-

Things just got weird for watergator:

I have substituted and tutored kids at the high school where my mom teaches. There was a girl that started referring to her as her mother in law. That got pretty weird.

This one by jnorem4 is just plain inappropriate:

Not me, though I am a teacher, but my senior year English teacher. She had just started teaching, and one of her students was crushing HARD on her. It got t the point where he would be blatantly flirting with her during class, making everyone uncomfortable.

One day, this kid is in tutoring with her, and the door’s shut, and he somehow turns off the lights and gets right behind her and whispers in her ear, “you know you want me baby.” He was “moved” to a different school very shortly afterward.

August1453 takes his job very seriously:

I’m a circ librarian at a university.

One time a few years back a girl who had about $20 in library fines came to the desk to plead for a waiver. She was wearing a loose blouse with no bra underneath.

Cue some flirty appeals, and then, when it became evident I was having none of her shit, she leans way over the circ desk and lets her blouse hang full open. “Are you sure there’s NOTHING we can arrange?” she asks.

“Yep, I’m sure, nothing. That’s $20, please. Cash, check, debit, or meal plan?”

(wtf she thought I was going to say, I have no idea.)

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Anythingleftyo was given a pretty blunt offer:

Always knew about the crush as she would drop hints and joke about when she is 18. Well, she turned 18 and when she graduated early she bluntly asked me if I can make her mentor crush come true. She was also a stripper and asked me to come by for a thank you lap dance.

Some students gave me notes or apples. This lass really just wanted to thank me in her own unique way. Bless her.

Mm cannibalism for Obliviousdragon:

(Teaching English as a second language)

Had a 14 year old girl say ‘I want to (m)eet you’

I jokingly asked with a laugh ‘You want to eat me?!’

She stared me dead in the eye and said ‘Yes’.


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TeacupGrad had her ass slapped and some inappropriate feedback forms:

I’ve had multiple grade 10 students write inappropriate comments on my formal evaluations given out during the last day of my final student teaching practicum. These included: “I want to have sex with Ms. Teacupgrad” “Ms. Teacupgrad is hot/ sexy/ cute” “I want to FUCK you” (all caps for extra emphasis?)

During my first student teaching practicum I had a grade nine student, who was a good foot taller than me, block me from leaving the doorway when he repeated asked for a hug.

I had another grade nine student slap my ass. I was so surprised I honestly didn’t know how to handle it.

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Teachers have to deal with kids when they are at their peak of puberty when sex drives are reaching new highs.

I do not envy some of the cringey going on inappropriate things they have had to deal with.