Teen Trades Virginity For iPhone, Things Turn Seriously Dark

Asia Wire

A teenager who turned up to a hotel to trade her virginity for an iPhone 8 was left terrified when half-naked men charged out of the bathroom and pinned her down on the bed.


The 17-year-old, nicknamed Xiao Chen, is said to have posted her ‘offer’ on an online forum, promising to give up her first time for a cash payment of 20,000 RMB (£2,287).

But as things were about to take a sinister turn, Beijing vlogger Nana, appeared and told the men to leave.


Watch the video here:

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The whole thing was then revealed to be a stunt set up by the vlogger who had orchestrated the whole thing to teach the naive girl a lesson.

The post was found by Nana – host of the show Nana Henying – which is Mandarin for Nana Is Tough – and she set up an interview with the teenager while posing as the secretary of a rich client.


Footage posted by the vlogger shows the pair meeting in a tea house, where Xiao Chen explains that one of her friends slept with a wealthy stranger and earned an easy 20,000 RMB.

Asia Wire

She said she wanted to do the same in order to buy the new iPhone 8 – which ‘all her friends’ have.

Nana, whose show focuses on exposing poor social behaviour and challenging the human condition, tries subtly to talk the teen out of the deal, but Xiao Chen insists.


The teenager said:

All I have to do is lie there, right? We each get what we want. I’ve already thought it through.

Asia Wire

Nana then gives the girl 500 RMB (£57) as a ‘deposit’ and the pair set up a time and place for the deal to take place, but the teenager has no idea that she is about to be set up for a very public shaming.

The show’s climax happens with Xiao Chen inside the hotel room, sat on the bed with her client who hands her the new iPhone to gain her trust.

But things go frighteningly wrong for Xiao Chen when three more men – one with a camera – enter the room and the trio say they want to ‘have some fun’.

Gross and totally inappropriate for a ‘joke’.

Asia Wire

The teenager is pinned to the bed, under the impression that she is about to be violently raped and filmed, and then Nana bursts out from the hotel room bathroom to stop the staged scene.

Nana screams at the teenager:

Now are you afraid? Well, it’s too late now!

It’s not worth selling anything just for a phone.

In the end, Nana orders all the men, including the cameraman, out of the hotel room so she can lecture the teenager in private.

Some on Chinese social media have questioned the authenticity of the show and the characters presented within, but the majority agreed that Nana was exposing a very real issue plaguing the otherwise conservative Chinese society of today.

This whole thing is incredibly creepy and unfair.