Teenager Kicked Out Of Shopping Centre Because Her ‘Shorts Were Too Short’

by : UNILAD on : 04 Aug 2018 10:56
Gabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson/Facebook

I roll my eyes in despair. In 2018, men are still trying to tell women what to wear, as alleged by a woman who says she was kicked out of a shopping centre for wearing shorts deemed ‘too short’.

19-year-old Gabrielle Gibson was enjoying a summers afternoon in Alabama, United States, which was graced with hot weather, so naturally, she chose to wear some shorts.

The teen says she left the house ‘feeling beautiful’, but then a security guard at the busy shopping centre approached her, saying her outfit was inappropriate.

Gabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson/Facebook

Since hearing the staff’s comments and having endured abuse online since the incident, Gabrielle now feels extremely negative about herself, as well as ‘humiliated’.

Speaking to the Mirror, Gabrielle said:

It made me feel humiliated to be honest. I have been shamed and called every name in the book.

I was just trying to have a good day and walk around the mall.


Speaking about how men have made her feel uncomfortable, Gabrielle said:

When I left the house I felt beautiful and happy about myself, but having grown men attack me about what I’m wearing when I’m just trying to walk around and buy things was just so excessive.

They didn’t have to throw me out. Its a sad day when grown men can’t control themselves. I just don’t want anyone feeling like I did.

gabrielle gibson mall rulesgabrielle gibson mall rulesGabrielle Gibson/Facebook

After the incident, Gabrielle shared photos of her shorts, as well as a sign from the mall on her Faceboook.

She wrote:

I was literally harassed and kicked out of the [shopping centre] today because of what I’m wearing.

Apparently grown men couldn’t contain themselves so I get kicked out.

Security officer initiated that he was looking at my a*s cheeks and it was a problem.

Don’t look at my a*s then there’s a thought?

I told them i have bigger thighs and it’s just to hot for jeans that I can’t help they ride up a bit. [sic]

Girl who was allegedly kicked out of mall for wearing too short shortsGirl who was allegedly kicked out of mall for wearing too short shortsGabrielle Gibson/Facebook

Gabrielle said the security guard even went as far as to threaten to call the police. I guess a girl in shorts is a really great use of police time…very threatening.

The Facebook post continued:

From what i seen today everyone had short shorties on. [sic]

mean come on its August and 100° outside. I don’t know why i was pinpointed. [sic]

I’m just disgusted with the behaviour of all these people. I was just having a good time trying to look around. Everyone can share this. This whole incident has made me embarrassed.

Gabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson/Facebook

Gabrielle also took a photo of the sign listing reasons for why people could be kicked out of the mall, for example ‘not being fully clothed’, ‘smoking’, or ‘bringing animals’.

Not sure shorts and a long sleeve top count as not being fully clothed?

Gabrielle Gibson shortsGabrielle Gibson shortsGoFundMe

In a sarcastic hit back at all the trolls insulting her clothes, Gabrielle has set up a GoFundMe account for people to donate money so she can buy new clothes.

It’s so far raised $15 of a $5000 goal. Put your money where your mouth is, trolls.

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