Teenagers Wreck Millionaire Daddy’s Luxury Yacht



A teenager thought he was being a legend when he invited four friends aboard his daddy’s £1.2 million yacht, but he massively fucked up.

They were probably too busy deciding whether it was a champagne or prosecco kind of day in the French Riviera to notice they had entered 2 ft deep waters.

Lucas, 18, and his four friends were lucky to leave the accident unharmed when they were speeding through St. Tropez on his Belgian industrialist father’s yacht.


The draught of the yacht was 1.6ft so they smashed into rocks, with the local rescue services saying the teenagers were lucky to escape with only light bruising.

Pierre-Yves Barasc of the rescue services said:

If they had crashed 30 feet away, they surely would have died.


According to the rescue services and the French coast guard, the accident was caused by the teenagers’ amateurism, the Daily Mail reports…no shit.

So that beautiful yacht is going to end up in the scrap yard, and we hope that Lucas suffers a terrible consequence, like has to wear high street clothing for at least a week.

Otherwise how will they learn!?