Tenants Reveal Their Worst Landlord Horror Stories

by : Emily Brown on : 09 Sep 2021 14:26
Tenants Reveal Their Worst Landlord Horror Stories@sam_t97/@AlbyEarley/Twitter

If you’ve ever rented a room, flat or house, chances are you’ll have at least one story about the landlord. 

Though it’s entirely possible there are some nice landlords out there, the stories that usually stand out tend to be the more nightmarish ones, such as those involving continuous unanswered pleas from the tenant, or particularly unreasonable requests regarding rent.


I’m sure there’s a story springing to mind if you’re a renter reading this, and obviously, you’re not alone. Many social media users have turned to the internet to vent their frustrations about property owners, with some of the stories so ridiculous that they sound as if they should belong in some sort of landlord parody show.

In a post on Twitter requesting to hear people’s ‘worst landlord story’, one user wrote, ‘Mine is that the electric lines behind my building caught fire THREE times last summer before anyone (landlord OR electric company) fixed them.’

In response, another person replied, ‘Our heat was out for the 3 coldest (sub-zero) days this past winter (plus about 10 more days that just weren’t as bad), and all we got we got was a single space heater from the 80s that smoked when we turned it on.’


Of course, problem landlords are nothing new, and in 2019 campaign group Generation Rent gave renters the opportunity to share some of their worst stories on Twitter with the hashtag #VentYourRent.

Taking the group up on the opportunity, one user responded with an image of her friend’s fridge that had a huge chunk missing from the back.


They wrote, ‘The hole was made by a rat. Yes. A rat ate through her fridge. And the landlord neither replaced the fridge nor dealt with the rat infestation.’

Another landlord was outed as having ‘crudely nailed’ patches of black fabric to the stairs after agreeing with their tenant to replace the ‘tatty ripped carpet’, while a third ignored so many calls about a leak coming through the ceiling that they eventually ended up with a waterfall in the roof of their property.

Elsewhere, tenants were reportedly left having to wear face masks – in a pre-pandemic world – in their living room because the property they were renting ‘turned to mould’.


Unfortunately there will no doubt be many more horrific stories to emerge from frustrated tenants over years to come; I suppose all we can hope is that landlords will learn from their mistakes and strive to provide less mouldy, rat-infested rooms in the future.

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