Terminally Ill Woman Shocks Husband With No.1 Bucket List Item


This is Annabel Nnochiri. A 56-year-old art teacher from North London with terminal bone cancer.

Annabel beat breast cancer back in 2010 but shortly afterwards doctors found another tumour in her hip bone and told her she has just two and a half years left to live.

To make matters even more tragic – both of Annabel’s parents were killed in a car crash just months before her diagnosis, according to the Mirror.


However instead of letting her cancer get the better of her, Annabel decided to live her final few years as a free and single woman and decided to leave her husband of almost 30 years.

She explained to the Mirror:

I made a bucket list and the first thing was to leave my husband. I had a good life but just felt completely trapped and wanted to break free.

If I hadn’t had the cancer I would have been a dull person. But because of it I’ve become a much braver, naughty older woman.

I could live a few more years, I do still want to live – for my children, to see my grand-children. I dislike being referred to as a cancer survivor. I’m just getting on with it. Living with it. It’s a long journey.


After being told she had just two years to live, Annabel sat down with her two children and asked how they would feel is she broke up with her then husband.

They both assured her that she would be significantly happier without him and the rest is history – and fortunately she continues to have a good relationship with her ex.

Annabel’s story is one of 12 ­included in Sue Bourne’s documentary – A Time to Live.