Terrifying Dashcam Footage Shows Moment Toddler Falls Out Of Car


Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a two-year-old girl was flung out of a moving vehicle, while still strapped into her car seat.


The horrifying incident was captured on one man’s dashcam as he travelled behind the vehicle in which the little girl was travelling with her parents.

The helpless toddler flew out of the moving car while it turned a corner, resulting in her landing in the middle of the road in Mankato, Minnesota, on Monday (January 14).


Facebook user Chad Cheddar Mock posted the video to social media shortly after it had happened, expressing his shock at the events that had unfolded.

He described what happened as unbelievable, saying everyone involved was ‘very lucky’ that the child had escaped unharmed.

He wrote, alongside the video:

if it didnt [sic] happen in front of me i’d never have believed it…. the child was ok. the parents came back. paramedics and police checked the child out as well. very lucky.

if it didnt happen in front of me i'd never have believed it….😡 the child was ok. the parents came back. paramedics and police checked the child out as well. very lucky. (For usage and licensing, contact [email protected])

Posted by Chad Cheddar Mock on Monday, 14 January 2019

In the video, the little girl can be seen falling out of the left rear door while the car drives round a corner at approximately 11:45am.


The two-year-old is wearing a pink jacket and grey tights as her car seat topples out of the car and lands on its side in the centre of the road.

The car she was in then drives off down the street, while multiple passersby stop to get the little girl to safety and Mock himself can be seen attempting to flag the girl’s parents down.

As reported by the Daily Mail, police said the toddler was properly fastened into her car seat, but the seat itself had not been fastened inside the car correctly. It is not known how the car door managed to fly open.


The girl’s mum reportedly returned to the scene 20 minutes later, when she realised her daughter and the car seat were missing from the backseat.

It is reported that police have asked the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office to consider charging the mother with child endangerment by not properly fastening the child restraint system.

However, in comments underneath the video Mock mentioned that the parents were allowed to take the little girl home with them with no further action.

Since being posted on social media yesterday, the video has gone viral, receiving nearly 2,000 likes and 3.8k shares at the time of writing (January 15).

People immediately began to praise Mock for his quick thinking, calling him a ‘life saver’ and noting how lucky the child was that he witnessed the incident.

One person wrote:

OMG!!! Thank the Lord for putting you in the right spot at the right time!

While another commented:

Thank god you were the attentive driver following that car, you saved her life, Chad!

And another said:

Chad, I’m so glad you were there to help that poor baby! How scary!

Luckily, first responders examined the little girl at the scene and found that she had not been injured in the ordeal as the seat appeared to protect her from hitting the ground.

Miracles evidently do happen!

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