Terrifying Girl Ghost Appears Behind Mexican Teacher During Online Class

by : Cameron Frew on : 30 Jul 2020 15:42

A Mexican teacher’s online class turned into a grave encounter as a nightmare-inducing ghost girl peered over his shoulders. Tremble, quiver, ‘be afraid, be very afraid’. 

A demon, a rogue spirit, an apparition, or perhaps something else entirely. As one teacher in the city of Monterrey, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, held an online class for his home-dwelling students, they were quickly haunted by a pale face that emerged from the background.


The clip, guaranteed to ignite the peripheral paranoia of anyone living on their lonesome, was shared to Twitter accompanied with the message: ‘Check out what happened to a friend in the middle of an online class. His teacher lives alone and has just moved into that house.’

If you’re brave enough, you can see the ghost for yourself in the video below: 


Did you feel that chill, the harrowing sensation of the paranormal washing over you? Did her eyes pierce you like the hooks of Cenobites? Was it just me? Well, whatever you think, there’s something dodgy in play.


Adding some further context, the twitter user Freddy Gzz explained that his pal’s teacher had recently separated from his partner. However, he moved into his new property alone. Alas, more than one soul clearly roams this Mexico household.

Mexican Teacher Ghost 2CEN/@fredygzzr

The video shows the teacher chatting away to his online student, unbeknownst to the possible malevolence wandering behind him. First, a flicker of motion passes by in the background. Then, poking out from the side of the wall, a young girl’s head appears.

Throughout the rest of the lesson, the teacher – who hasn’t been named – regularly casts a look over his shoulder, even going as far to move the camera to show the room behind him. He claimed that only he and his dog lives in the new home. Who needs Bly Manor and Hill House?

Mexican Teacher GhostCEN/@fredygzzr

According to local news website La Republicca, some believe that the girl’s spooky presence was indeed evidence of a ghost. However, the cynics – more like the clowns, if you bloody ask me – have suggested the whole thing may have been staged by the teacher.

The comments speak for themselves, really. One user wrote after watching the video: ‘Oh my God, I just did a wee.’ Another user, by the name of Kuno, also remarked: ‘The ghost has collaborators!’ A further user wrote that they had pooped themselves, while another urged: ‘Run b*tch, ruuun!’

Disclaimer: it’s clearly bullsh*ttery of the highest order.


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