Terrifying Things That Have Happened In Hours Since Trump Was Elected

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Trump may have only been elected just over 24 hours ago, but a stream of terrifying things that have happened in the aftermath, are downright shocking. 

Clearly we don’t need to wait until January for the world to feel the wrath of his worryingly, now powerful force.


The Independent has rounded up some of the unnerving events that have taken place over the last day.

Everybody, hide.


The ex-KKK leader couldn’t contain himself.

David Duke exclaimed the election was ‘one of the most exciting nights of my life.’ Wow.

The former leader known as the, ‘Grand Wizard,’ also said:

‘Make no mistake about it, our people have played a huge role in electing Trump!’ Great…


Violent demonstrations have taken place.

Thousands of anti-Trump protesters stormed angrily along the streets of America, smashing windows, burning effigies and overturning cars.

At least two transgender youths have committed suicide after the election result

Suicide advice hotlines for LGBTQ people have gone through the roof with people fearing for the future of their lives.


The foreign minister of Mexico came down hard on paying for that wall.

“Paying for a wall is not part of our vision,” said Claudia Ruiz Massieu. That should stop him then…


Shares in renewable energy companies plummet.

Makes sense seen as the President believes climate change to be a hoax, dreamt up by China to strangle the USA’s trade.

Ok then…


Shares in guns and weaponry companies peaked

Well…that’s to be expected…


Hijab wearers in America debate whether it’s safe to wear them

Sad, sad times.

The immigration website for Canada crashed

The site crashed overnight because of the huge influx of people hoping to emigrate.


Well there’s plenty of hope for the future then…