Tesco Staff In Tears As Elderly Homeless Man Battered By Storm Emma

by : UNILAD on : 02 Mar 2018 11:56
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A shocking photo of an elderly homeless man sparked Birmingham’s community into action.

During a spate of extreme weather conditions, like what we’re currently experiencing in the UK, being homeless gets even more treacherous and at times, fatal.

The image of a very frail OAP huddled up in blankets with his trolley of belongings outside a Tesco store, caused the staff to break down into tears.


Here’s a UNILAD documentary about homeless people in the UK:

Jo Bialan posted the photo online and said:

Never in a million years when giving out clothes did I think I would come across this – OMG.

He’s been there all night and I’ve given him stuff and hot coffee to keep his hands warm. Surprisingly, said for now he’s OK.

Please share this – Tesco’s Erdington High Street , have gone to work crying, phone calls to make, this guy is in his 70s.

Birmingham City Council, Age Concern, Teresa May – god help this country. [sic]


After seeing the photo of the man, who was over the age of 70, Erdington residents joined forces to help him get off the streets.

Residents lobbied the local MP Jack Dromey, the city council and a number of charities to get him a roof over his head, Birmingham Mail reports.


Yesterday, (March 1) the Met Office warned us to brace ourselves, as the worst blizzards since 1962 were set to hit our shores.

Brits were being warned to only travel if it was essential, with the vulnerable and elderly being told to completely stay indoors.

The Met Office claimed the amount of snow forecast could be the biggest single fall since the notorious winter of 1962-63, when some areas of the country were blighted by snow and ice for more than three months.


It’s always horrific to see people on the streets, especially when they’re vulnerable and frail.

If you want to support the cause and help end homelessness, you can donate money to Emmaus UK.

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