The Best Place To Find Love In The UK Revealed


Oxford Street is officially the best place in the UK to find love, according to new data.

Now if you’re like me, you probably think the idea of finding love on Oxford Street is something that would only happen in a Richard Curtis film.

If you told me your chances of matching on Tinder are higher walking down Oxford Street I’d be more inclined to buy it, but the notion of wanting to do anything other than get the hell away from Oxford Street doesn’t quite run with your boi.

However, unbelievably, with a footfall of 3.5 million shoppers each week, the popular destination was revealed to be the place you’re most likely to bump into a potential partner.


Regent’s Park, Portobello Road and King’s Road in Chelsea were also revealed as popular spots for singletons, as was Westfield shopping centre, the 02 and IKEA.

The research has been released after new data revealed London was the number one location in the UK for singletons.

Badoo analysed its database to find the top 10 locations in the UK to find love, and the capital came out on top ahead of Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds.

A staggering 245 million matches have been made in London on the dating app, almost three times as many as the next closest city.


Badoo’s dating expert Abbie Moujaes said:

It’s no surprise IKEA is on the list of ‘hot spots’. Most flat pack furniture requires ‘two people’ to assemble, so it’s only natural you’d be on the lookout for someone…

Of course singles are migrating to the cities… With our nations capital, London hosting a wide array of activities for the single who’s ready to mingle, from singles life drawing classes at Caledonian Road Cafe bar to Shhh Dating’s silent speed dating at sink pong in Shoreditch.

For those in the north, Manchester (94 million matches) and Glasgow (82 million matches) are the places to head for if you’re on the lookout for a new partner.


Leeds (65 million matches), Liverpool (58 million matches) and Sheffield (47 million matches) also fared well.

Naturally, the bigger cities have the highest match rates due to the large number of singles populating them, with London, Manchester and Birmingham accounting for a whopping 30 per cent of singles.

Badoo has increased the chances of meeting someone in person with its ‘people nearby’ and ‘bumped into’ features which provide you with the ultimate life hack, allowing you to avoid the ‘what if?’ moment.

Happy dating!