The Chase’s Paul Sinha Engaged After His Boyfriend Says Yes

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Jan 2019 13:26

The Chase’s Paul Sinha is engaged after his boyfriend said ‘yes’ to his proposal. 


Sinha, who appears on the ITV quiz show as one of its menacing chasers, announced his exciting news on Twitter yesterday (January 2) in a very matter of fact way, reminiscent of the hard personas the chasers often present on the show.

Though he didn’t reveal the name of his now-fiancé, he wrote:

I proposed today. He said yes. Thus starts yet another diet.


Well, he chose a good time for it, I suppose. I’m sure lots of people will have entered the new year with the promise to go on a diet, so at least he won’t be alone in his endeavour!

Paul SinhaPaul SinhaITV

Though it seems Sinha was faced with his first challenge just a day later when he was met with an array of foods during breakfast at his hotel, when he tweeted about all of the options available.

He wrote this morning:

At my hotel breakfast. Yep there’s sausages and bacon. Also, there’s tomatoes and muesli. It’s as though they’ve catered for everyone. Weird.

The quizzer opened up about his relationship status in an interview with GuysLikeU in 2017, where he admitted that despite the surprised responses he received after mentioning an ex-boyfriend on The Chase, he was never purposefully hiding his sexuality.

Sinha explained:


I assumed everyone knew I was gay. I have been on the show six years and I have made lots of references to being gay. But they mysteriously never made the edit.

There was one time that did make the edit when I was asked how many pieces was there to a bikini. Now you couldn’t ask a question more simple and out of my comfort zone. But I got it wrong.

Bradley looked at me at the end and said: ‘Bikini?” And I said “that question would fall to the only Chaser whose lifestyle choices means I don’t get to see a bikini.” So that was me coming out of the closet. I had gay on my Twitter feed for years.

He went on to reveal he was in an open relationship, saying:

I am happy with a boyfriend. We are in an open relationship, but can’t say more than that.

One of the advantages of being gay is that there is no traditional template for how you are meant to engage with your partner.

Hetero relationships are supposedly based on the idea of procreation and offering a loving environment for your children, therefore by definition would mean monogamy.

Being gay we can make our own template that works for us.

Paul SinhaPaul SinhaITV

While many fans expressed their delight for Sinha and his partner with a simple ‘congratulations!’, others couldn’t help but joke about the news with some Chase-related references.

One person replied:

Congratulations! He took the higher offer, then x

While my personal favourite joke read:

For you the chase is over…


Congratulations to the happy couple!

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