The Country Where ‘No One Under 25 Believes God Created The Universe’


No one under the age of 25 in Iceland believes that god created the universe, apparently.

The new was revealed by the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association after a poll was conducted asking citizens of the nation about their religious beliefs.

According to the Iceland Magazine 93.9 per cent of those in the under 25 category answered they believe the universe was the result of the Big Bang. The remaining 6.1 per cent answered ‘‘don’t know’ or ‘other’, but no one replied that the universe was created by God.

The magazine also suggested that there is a stark difference of opinion between in belief between Iceland’s young and old populations.

They said:

80.6 per cent of those older than 55 identified as Christian and only 11.8 per cent said they were atheists. At the same time 40.5 per cent of people who were 25 years or younger said they were atheists, and only 42 per cent said they were Christian.

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The results have been disputed by some, with it claimed the poll was potentially confusing and forcing the view that religion and science must be separate.

The Independent quoted one Reddit user who was critical of the questions asked.

They said:

The question in the asked in the poll was confusing. It was ‘how do you think the universe came to be?’ and the answers were ‘the universe came to be in the big bang’ and ‘God created the universe’ or ‘Don’t know’ and ‘other’.


Many people believe that God is the root cause of the big bang, and the comments in the ‘Other’ section of the poll (page 14) are overwhelmingly about something to that effect, e.g. ‘God created the world in the big bang’.

He does have a good point, after all the Big Bang Theory was in fact proposed by Catholic priest and physicist Georges Lemaître.

Even the Pope has argued his belief that science and religion needn’t be completely separate.