The First Thing Guys Notice When They Meet A Woman

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2018 19:01
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It’s an age-old adage that men are lecherous when women walk past, it’s almost become a fact of life.


You see it in TV shows and films all the time, the jock guys who just go out to get with women, and behave completely inappropriately when a woman brushes them off.

They stare at women who walk past in the club or on the street so much they look like that guy in the meme who checks out the girl as he walks down the street with his girlfriend.

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Let’s face it, they’re the worst. And sadly, it seems most men do fit into that category.


Men’s Health asked 6,500 people on Twitter where their eyes instinctively go when they first see a woman, and the results aren’t what was expected.

A whopping 38 per cent of men said their eyes gravitate straight to a lady’s face when the first meet, which sounds like a great thing until you realise the number of people who didn’t give that answer.

I mean, it’s still not great that 62 per cent of guys don’t do that, and find their eyes wandering to places where they shouldn’t. Instead of looking at the faces of the women, the men in the Twitter poll found their eyes gravitating to a lady’s boobs, bum or legs.

But this isn’t the only study which analyses the way men look at woman. A study carried out by Kodak Lens Vision Centres found that the average man will spend 43 minutes of his day staring at 10 different women.

This adds up to 259 hours every year, which works out at a total of 11 months and 11 days between the ages of 18 and 50, according to The Telegraph.


But it isn’t just men who spend their time ogling others, researchers found that women peak at six men for just over 20 minutes a day.


Mark Ireland, spokesman for Kodak Lens Vision Centres, said:

Men are renowned for looking at women but it’s interesting to find out exactly how long they spend eyeing girls up.

A year of their life is a long time to spend with their eyes fixed on the opposite sex.

However, men are going to have their work cut out if they are going to impress a woman as they spend half the amount of time gazing at guys.

In this study, 40 per cent of the women surveyed said eyes were the first thing they looked at, while 40 per cent of men admitted their eyes were drawn to the woman’s body.

The study also revealed that a third of people have ended up arguing with their partner because they had a roaming eye, with one in 10 even splitting up with a partner as a result.

This doesn’t look great for humanity now, does it? Saying that, apparently 35 per cent of Brits say they started a relationship with someone they eyed-up, so it can’t all be bad.

All this talk of social interaction is making me feel anxious, I’m going to go and sit at home with a cup of tea on my own where it’s safe.

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