The Government Just Raised Tuition Fees Without You Knowing


As if fees of nearly £10k weren’t bad enough, the Government has just gone behind students’ backs and hiked the prices up even higher. 

The Government has just slyly increased the cost of tuition fees by another £250, without making any public announcements, taking them now to an extortionate £9,250.

The change in the regulations, which allow the Government to make such decisions, was published this week but only to the National Archives legislation store, the Telegraph reports.

Disgustingly, the changes were not announced on the Department for Education’s website or in any statement in Parliament.

This sneaky amendment, which will affect half a million students, went unnoticed until last night when they were reported on by the BBC.

Opposing politicians slated the Tories’ cloak-and-dagger way of dealing with things and the Shadow Universities minister, Gordon Marsden, accused them of attempting to ‘sneak out’ the plans.

Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader slammed their approach as ‘shabby’ and condemned their tactics by saying they were trying to ‘avoid scrutiny’.

Clearly the Government didn’t want to advertise their would-be-highly-unpopular plans, after the outrage they provoked last time in regards to student fees.

A spokesperson for the Department for Education trued to justify the changes, without really explaining why…

They said:

Importantly, universities will not be able to increase their fees unless they have passed rigorous quality standards.

We are determined to make sure that everyone with the potential to benefit from higher education has the opportunity to do so.

However, in direct contradiction to this, most universities will be able to change the new pumped up prices, which the Government claim is due to inflation.

This may be the case, but surely it would’ve been better to actually let people know.

Best get saving…