The Most Outrageous Requests Rich Tourists Make On Luxury Ski Holidays


When the incredibly wealthy take to the slopes for a luxury ski getaway, money is the last thing on their minds.

And when money is such an insignificant thing to you, neither is making outrageous requests – because you have the $$$ to make them happen.

According to the Daily Mail the super-rich like to spend their skiing holidays in fully-catered, massively exclusive chalets that come equipped with a private chef and chauffeur – for the price of £60,000 a week.


These super-mega-ultra chalets are frequented by the most affluent guests from all over the world, including the Middle East, Australia, Brazil, Britain and Russia.

Head of sales with Peli-Ski, Hamish Gordon-Lennox told MailOnline Travel:

We have a motto: Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a little longer to organise. There’s no food you can’t deliver, there are no extra activities you cannot organise. As long as someone is willing to pay for it, there isn’t anything you can’t do.

One time he had to bend his ‘nothing is impossible’ rule, though, was when a guest asked if he could have an elephant ride his daughter from the chalet to the slopes. Animal welfare concerns and the fact it would cost way over £1million put that plan on ice, even though it was her birthday (spoilsports).


Another guest ordered their 60″ TV be swapped for a 100″ one, because who can see anything on a puny 60 incher?

Ceri Tinley, managing director and co-founder of Consensio, said they once had to completely strip a room to change it into a dog bedroom, filling it with AstroTurf, a white picket fence and even dog bowls with Evian water.

In another dog related incident, a chauffeur had to drive a dog out to an exclusive restaurant where its owners met him for lunch. When they were all done the couple hit the slopes and the dog was driven home.


And one group of guests weren’t too keen on the brand of vodka the bar was stocking, so rang staff to request another one at 2.30am. Their wish was the staff’s command, and the guests were treated to the brand they wanted from another hotel – but they had to buy it shot by shot and have it delivered to them, costing just under €5,000 (£3,500).

They’ve also flown in caviar from Italy, swapped every single utensil, piece of crockery and cutlery to kosher ones, and played April Fools’ Day jokes on the family members of guests.

And in a romantic, yet expensive touch, Consensio once lit up up a guest’s partner’s name across the piste with €50,000 (£35,000) worth of fireworks.

Well I once had a beer from a hotel mini-bar. Regretted it the next day…