The Rich Kids Of Singapore Can’t Afford Clothes, Apparently


By now you’ve probably all become painfully aware of the purposefully attention seeking ‘Rich Kids of London’ Instagram page, well now there’s some new rich kids on the block…

The south-east Asian city-state of Singapore is one of the world’s most expensive cities, but the astronomical cost of living doesn’t seem to be bothering the ‘stars’ of the ‘Rich Kids of Singapore’ Instagram page, reports the Daily Mail. 

However, as they showcase their extreme wealth, one thing – apart from any form of perspective – does seem to be sadly lacking from their lives:

The photos reveal that the cash-loaded posers are spending their millions on everything but that basic essential of everyday life – underwear.

There are various hashtags accompanying the pics including #highsociety, #millionairesplaygroundsg, #billionairesclub, #cash, #money, #rich, #love, #fashion and #beautiful.

To be fair, a few other popular themes do emerge as you scroll through the page – supercars, yachts and champagne for example:

But sadly, this girl is even having to double up her dinner as a pair of pants:

Seriously though, I hope they didn’t eat that…