The Rock Says Kevin Hart Is Adopted In Savage Father’s Day Message

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There are few bromances quite like the one between Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Though the pair relentlessly take digs at one another over social media, it’s obvious that it’s always in good humour and out of nothing but affection for one another. After all, though his stature might fool you, it’d be hard to imagine The Rock being aggressive towards anyone these days. He’s the very definition of a gentle giant.

That doesn’t stop him taking to Instagram to roast his bezzie in front of his 108million followers though.

As we all know (or are just finding out… better late then never right?) it was father’s day yesterday, Sunday June 17. Sadly, The Rock was celebrating father’s day alone due to work commitments. He still found time, however, to post a message for all the dads out there.

Check out the video here:

He says:

Happy father’s day to all the papa bears out there and all the daddies who are doing everything they gotta do to hold it down for their families, taking care of their families.

After a heartfelt moment thanking his partner and daughter for their surprise gift to him, The Rock just couldn’t help but throw in a little dig at Hart.

He said:

Simone, I love you, baby Jazzy, baby Tiana, daddy loves you. Baby Kevin Hart, daddy loves you too, even though you’re adopted. Happy father’s day.

Captioning the message, The Rock wrote:

Bitter sweat [sic] Sunday, but my baby girl’s made it the best they could and I’m grateful and proud to be their daddy. Even @kevinhart4real who’s having a rough Father’s Day as he’s just finding out on the ‘gram that he’s adopted. Sorry Kev, I may not be your real father, but I’ll always be yo daddy

Though Hart is yet to respond – and we’re sure he will – he wasn’t entirely absent from social media for the day either.

Posting on Instagram with a picture of himself pushing a stroller, he wrote:

Happy Father’s to me damn it #DaddySwag

Happy Father's to me damn it ???? #DaddySwag

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

This isn’t the first time the two dads have fought it out on social media.

After the birth of his daughter Tiana, The Rock shared an image of himself and the new arrival:

It’s a beautiful moment between a proud dad and his newborn daughter. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long.

Hart then posted this very creepy image:

The Internet will forever be undefeated ????? This is hilarious as hell ?????

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

He captioned the image: ‘The Internet will forever be undefeated. This is hilarious as hell.’

The Rock went one step further and reposted the image but added a touch of poetry to it.

And here it is:

To my beloved son, @kevinhart4real
Twinkle Twinkle little Hart,
I just don’t know where to start,
Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul,
Even though you were delivered directly out of the butthole.
#Shhhh #JustShutYourLittleMouth#AndGoNightNight #OnDaddysPecMeat

The photoshop skills didn’t stop there, however.

A few days later, Hart made things even creepier:

If their social media is anything to go by, the chemistry between them onscreen is definitely real. We can’t wait for their next film together!

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