The Top 10 World’s Most Instagrammable Beaches

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 04 Aug 2020 09:10

Now, we all love a good beach picture, but the question is: which beaches are best for photo opportunities? 

Whether you’re the type of person seen paddleboarding in the sea or someone who prefers to bask in the sun with a mojito in your hand, they’re all picture-perfect moments.


From the Philippines and Spain to Greece and Bali, the world truly does boast some beautiful beaches – but it turns out the most photographed beaches are actually a little less exotic than you would expect.

Here’s the countdown for you…

10. Skagen Beach, Denmark


This gorgeous beach in Nordjylla has been pictured 7,089 times.

9. Maya Bay, Thailand

Of course somewhere in Thailand was going to make the list. This impressive beach in Ko Phi Phi has been posted about 393,746 times.


8.Los Roques, Venezuela

Ah, the blue oceans of the Caribbean. Just thinking about it makes me want a piña colada. However, I won’t be drinking one per time it’s been pictured (459,010 to be exact) because I’d be very drunk.

7. Paradise Beach, Croatia


Like it says in the name, this beach in Rab, Croatia, really does look like paradise – and apparently the 715,588 people who posted about it think so too.

6. Panama City Beach, USA

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"One of the most important things I learned on my travels is that traveling doesn't make me a happy person. It just relieves my problems or makes me MORE happy. I already found myself in my dream destinations, sad, down and with a heart squeeze and what can I say? Being in the place I wanted so much and feeling that, made me even sadder. How could I be in the place I always wanted and be sad like that? I only got better when I tried to find out internally why I was feeling that, and there is something that traveling can help you with. Look inside, talk to yourself, reflecting and understanding what is causing you such discomfort is one of the best ways to start relieving that bad feeling. Before you want to travel to “cure” your problems and desires, try to understand what they are and how you can improve this situation. Traveling can bring us light, momentary happiness and answers, but I believe that real and true happiness we carry with us wherever we are. Don't think that your little pot of happiness will be under the Eiffel Tower or floating in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. So if you decide to travel just to try to be happy, take the time to be close to the one you love, make peace with someone special, talk to your friends, therapist or family about something you are feeling and so go lighter ! Ah, and also don't wait for a scheduled date to enjoy life and be happy, life is happening right now. Remember: we can be happy in the same way at home or in our dream destinations! " 📸 @caiotravels

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Obviously the Sunshine State was going to make an appearance – more than once you’ll soon find out. This beach just pipped Croatia to the post for sixth place having been posted about 715,851 times.

5. Daytona Beach, USA

As DJ Khaled would say, ‘another one’. This Florida beach has been posted about a whopping 1,078,423 times. It’s known for hosting the Daytona 500 NASCAR race every February.

4. Bondi Beach, Australia

As well as being known for its ginormous spiders, Australia boasts some amazing beaches. This popular Sydney beach has been posted about 1,669,415 times.

3. Laguna Beach, USA

No, we’re not on about the TV show. This Cali beach has been posted about 2,562,200 times – Lauren Conrad included.

2. Venice Beach, USA

Arguably the best place in California for rollerblading and skateboarding (obviously not on the actual sand though, duh). This scenic location has been posted about 3,963,729 times.

1. Miami Beach, USA

The queen of beaches. Miami beach has been posted about – wait for it – 12,255,704 times, therefore completely dominating the Instagrammable beach world.

Alexa, play LMFAO, I’m in Miami B*tch. 

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