These Are The Most Powerful Passports On The Planet

by : UNILAD on : 25 Oct 2017 15:14

A new ranking has revealed which countries have the world’s most powerful passports.


Passport Index ranks countries according to how easy it is for their citizens to travel outside of their country.

Nations are given a score based on the total amount of countries citizens can travel to visa-free and the one with the greatest amount gets top spot.


Surprisingly Singapore has been revealed as having the world’s most powerful passport with its 3.4 million citizens able to travel to an amazing 159 countries visa-free.


They can either travel without one at all or can have one issued at said destinations upon arrival.

Singapore managed to nick the top spot from Germany after Paraguay removed restrictions for the country.


This meant Germany slipped down into second place, only one away from Singapore at 158, with the UK claiming fourth and America dropping down into sixth.

At the bottom of the list came Afghanistan with its visa-free access limited to just 22 countries.

The US passport is thought to have lost some of its power thanks to President Donald Trump, with nations such as Turkey and the Central African Republic withdrawing their visa-free entry.


Developed by Canada-based global consultancy Arton Capital, the Passport Index is currently the world’s most popular interactive online tool that ranks the world’s passports.


It is also the only rea time global ranking that updates frequently as new visa waivers and changes are made.

The Hon. Philippe May, Managing Director of Arton Capital’s Singapore office, spoke about the country taking the top spot.

He said:

For the first time ever an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the world.

It is a testament of Singapore’s inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy.


Passport Index added:

Historically, the top ten most powerful passports in the world were mostly European, with Germany having the lead for the past two years.

Since early 2017, the number one position was shared with Singapore, which was steadily going up.

Other Asian passports in the top 20 include those of South Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

While Singapore quietly climbed the ranks, the US passport has fallen down since Trump took office.

Most recently Turkey and the Central African Republic revoked their visa-free status to US passport holders.

Not exactly the best news for Americans who fancy backpacking then.


One of the ideas behind the ranking is that you can travel to more countries visa-free by adding a second passport which is more powerful than your first.

Armand Arton, the president of Arton Capital, adds:


Visa-free global mobility has become an important factor in today’s world.

More and more people every year invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a second passport to offer better opportunity and security for their families.


So if you want to see which passports are the most powerful, here are the top ten:

1. 159 – Singapore
2. 158 – Germany
3. 157 – Sweden, South Korea
4. 156 – Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, United Kingdom
5. 155 – Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal
6. 154 – Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, United States of America
7. 153 – Austria, Greece, New Zealand
8. 152 – Malta, Czech Republic, Iceland
9. 150 – Hungary
10. 149 – Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

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