There’s A Secret Version Of Tinder For Models And Millionaires Called Tinder Select

by : UNILAD on : 05 Mar 2017 18:53

You’d think that the beautiful and rich would have no trouble in the dating game, turns out they need a little help like the rest of us.


When navigating the murky pitfalls of Tinder, you need to be careful that your potential matches aren’t grade A nutcases who are after your blood or catfishes who look nothing like their profile pics.

We guess that’s why the there’s a clandestine version of the popular dating app that’s accessible only for the social elite. When we say social elite we mean celebrities, millionaires and models.

Dubbed ‘Tinder Select’, it basically ‘cuts out ordinary users’ (i.e. us poor people) so it’s exclusive users can only potentially match with each other. Whilst never actually publicised by Tinder it’s apparently been around for six months.


Last year a Reddit user posted a screenshot of the user interface asking other members what it was.

So how does one become a member of this exclusive club? It certainly isn’t on the app store that’s for sure. One way to get on Tinder Select is through a personal invitation from the company, otherwise you’ll have to get an invite from an existing member who’s privileged enough to nominate you.

The exact requirements to be part of Tinder Select is unknown (for starters we’re guessing that you either have to be rich and famous – or one of the two) but one factor that does seem to play a huge part is your ‘Elo score’.


For those that are lost on that concept, an ‘Elo score’ is like a rating system. For example if you play online video games like Call of Duty it will tally up your skill and place you with other similarly skilled individuals.

If you think about it, it’s quite depressing that our social status and consequentially our desirability can be so easily quantified into stats and numbers…

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    There's a secret version of Tinder for models and millionaires called Tinder Select