There’s A Whole Park Dedicated To Penises In South Korea


It’s fair to say that as a species we’re pretty obsessed with penises. They’re the subject of poems, psychology, and paintings, among many other things.

They’ve also been used as symbols of fertility in ancient civilisations, as well as being the go-to doodle on all your mates’ homework planners when they weren’t looking in Year 8 – or any year to be honest.

I’m sure someone somewhere has done a study into why phallic symbols are so prevalent in society these days (probably something to do with the historic domination of society by men), but it’s hard to find an example anywhere in the world today where the penis is celebrated more fully than in Haesindang Park.


Haesindang Park, also known as Penis Park, is an attraction in South Korea which is basically a park completely dedicated to penises.

The park is chock-full of the phallic attractions which have been created by Korean artists to celebrate joy, spirituality and sexuality.

There is a tragic legend which is attached to the park however, which ‘shrouds’ the statues in the park.


The legend goes, according to the official South Korean tourism website:

There once lived a young maid who was engaged. One day, the maid took her husband’s boat out to sea to harvest seaweed.

Her husband dropped her off at a site that was at a distance from the beach. After promising to pick her up later, he returned to the beach to do his work.

However, the weather turned bad as strong winds and pummelling waves begun. The husband failed to rescue his wife on time and she ultimately drowned.

The legend continues:

Since then, the villagers were unable to catch any fishes and some claimed that it was because of the dead maid.

To soothe the spirit of the dead maid, the villagers made several wooden carvings and held religious ceremonies. Later, fishes were gradually seen appearing and the villagers were able to fish and live comfortably again.

Therefore, the place where the maid died was named Aebawi Rock and the building where the religious ceremony is held twice a year was named Haesindang. The ceremony is still honoured today as a traditional folk event.


As well as the traditional folk event, tourists to the park are invited to take in the statues, which range in size, colour and artistic flair.

If you think that this celebration of all things peen is a bit strange, then it’s nothing compared to a planned sex park which is reportedly on the way in Taiwan.

The proposal was confirmed to CNN, though it is still just a concept right now.


The park, which is also going by the title ‘Garden of Eden’, is claiming to be educational, and will be divided into different sections which cover sex positions, unusual sex lives, and toys.

In the off chance this doesn’t come to fruition though, make your way to South Korea for this Penis Park.

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