There’s Now A Ball-Pit Bar For Adults Who Want To Be A Kid Again

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Growing up and having to be an adult can really does suck at times.

Sometime all you want to do is be a kid again, but now someone’s had possibly one of the best ideas ever and allowed us to experience that all over again- with the addition of booze.

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Yep, you can now release your inner child and frolic in a ball-pit, while smashed on Tequila or as I like to call it- living the dream.

This awesome experience is available thanks to the founder of Forward Motion San Francisco, Ryan Lum.

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Although this sounds like a pretty simple, yet perfect combination, apparently it wasn’t as easy to produce as it was to imagine.

Ryan told Mashable:

It took a little over a year to actually make it happen as the biggest obstacle was trying to raise enough money to purchase 40,000 ball-pit balls. After several failed crowdfunding attempts, I decided to just start selling tickets to [the] event that didn’t even exist. It took a long time trying to raise the money but it was all worth it in the end.

Damn right it was. Ryan hosted his event at a bar called Romper Room on the 19th and 20th of March, and at $30 a ticket it was pretty steep- but so worth it.

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The room was transformed into a giant bull-pit from 12pm, with one event ending at 10pm and the other at 4pm and it looks like these guys loved it.

It was so successful in fact that Ryan is hoping to expand it to other cities sometime soon.

Can we make this happen now please!?