There’s Now An App That Lets You Basically Stalk Your Partner

Couple with Cellular Phones in

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Want to track their every move?

Then this new app could be for you.

It allows you to track the whereabouts of your partner through the GPS on their phone, so you’ll always know where they are.

jel app

It has been made by US surveillance firm mSpy, and is called MCouple.

Both people need the app on their phone, and it can even allow you to intercept messages, read texts and basically stalk your partner.

It comes after the news that more than 40% of British people actually admitted to checking their significant other’s phones.


A quarter of these have done so without their partner’s consent – and let’s be honest, the others will have harassed their significant other so many times, they’ve finally just given up and given them access to the phone.

Really, if you need this app, you need a new partner more.