There’s One Surprising Thing People Won’t Do For Love, Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 04 Aug 2016 12:59
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All relationships require a little bit of compromise now and then – no matter how in love you are.


It may be a small sacrifice – like watching your partner’s favourite TV show (that you hate), but only if they wash the dishes. Or it may be a little bigger, like moving across the country for your partner’s job.

Now, new research from YouGov has revealed that British people feel a hell of a lot more strongly about some sacrifices they might have to make for their partner than others.

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Turns out, people seem to be more willing to give up a job, move abroad, or stop smoking than they are to become a vegetarian for their lover.


Yup, being a vegetarian is apparently worse than giving up your one true love.

When participants in the study were asked, ‘which of the following, if any, would you be willing to do if a long-term romantic partner asked you?’, 1,652 people responded with these answers:

73 per cent of people said they’d move within the UK

66 per cent said they’d stop smoking

49 per cent said they’d move abroad

45 per cent said they’d stop drinking

29 per cent said they’d give up a job

24 per cent said they’d become vegetarian

14 per cent said they’d ditch a friend

5 per cent said they’d convert religion

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I can understand converting religion or ditching a friend, but I feel like I’d be prepared to swap out meat if it came down to it.

Changing how I look, on the other hand, not so much. And people seem to agree.

On average, only 23 per cent of people participating in the study said they would change the way they look if a partner asked them. A total of 33 per cent of men said they would think about it, compared to just 13 per cent of women who said they would, Indy100 reports.

What’s the most interesting though, is that nearly half of all people asked would dump their partner who wasn’t willing to change. Ouch.

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