These Animal Shaped Backpacks Protect Babies’ Heads If They Fall Over


Adorable animal shaped backpacks have been created to help prevent babies from hitting their heads if they fall over when exploring. 

I’m sure parents will know all about baby-proofing their homes to protect their little ones once they start crawling and testing out their legs with ever-increasing confidence.

Admittedly, the extent of my knowledge comes from Rachel attempting to baby-proof her apartment in Friends but I do know little humans are fragile, especially when it comes to their head and the scary soft spot.

While baby gates and edge protectors can prevent mishaps to an extent, it’s harder to save a baby from themselves. Youngsters will naturally want to toddle about and so there’s the worry they could hit their head but the creation of these little furry backpacks can help prevent that.

Various brands are now selling the products and they’re available on Amazon for as little as £3.99 ($4.80), which is a very small price to pay for the protection they offer.

The bags, designed to look like bumblebees, pandas, monkeys, bunnies and angels, are tailored to babies from 4-24 months and include a doughnut-shaped section at the top which sits level with the child’s head.

The upper section would work as a cushion if the baby fell backwards, protecting the head which is particularly sensitive when youngsters are growing and developing. It could also be used to keep the child comfy if they decide to lie down and take a spontaneous nap.

In that respect, I can think of a few adults who’d enjoy this product.

The bags have adjustable straps which the baby would wear just like a normal backpack, as well as a chest strap to ensure the head protector stays in place. The cute designs also have the added benefit of making the child look more adorable as they venture around.

Many people took to social media to praise the animal shaped backpacks and a lot have requested adult-sized versions, though a few pointed out the protector would only work if the wearer fell backwards. If they find themselves face-planting to the ground, they’d only have the floor to cushion them.

One Facebook user responded:

You actually need 4 of these. One for the back, one for the front, one for the right side and one for the left side.
Trust me, I know.

Another wrote:

My son used it once. Fell forward instead..

Other people argued the creation was excessive, with one commenting:

Not a good thing. They’ll learn falling doesn’t hurt.

Though there’s mixed opinions on the animal shaped backpacks, they could probably come in handy for any particularly clumsy kids out there!

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