These Are All The Compliments Guys Give Girls That They Actually Hate


A compliment can be the perfect icebreaker – sometimes.

While by their very nature a compliment is complimentary, every so often one can be mistaken as completely backhanded.

Even if it was made with the utmost sincerity, we can all easily be made aware of the traits we don’t really feel confident about. And there are a few choice compliments that will always end in failure.

Wondering what they are? You can thank the ladies of Reddit for making it clear. Here’s what you definitely shouldn’t say, according to them.

Don’t compliment on a woman’s breast size – they already know they’re there:


The definition of a backhanded compliment:


Leave hair colour out of it:


And just don’t say any of these:

Take it from the women who hear them, backhanded compliments are not a welcomed ice breaker.

Now you know.