These Are Some Of The Ridiculous Things That Have Happened At Airbnbs

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If you are going to rent out your place to strangers on Airbnb you should always prepare for the worst, as this couple discovered on New Year’s Eve.


Having got married that day, Justine Smith and her husband were given a gift they really did not want.

The couple awoke in their Montreal apartment at 5AM to the sound of house guests snorting cocaine and enjoying a good old orgy to ring in the new year.

Smith later took to Twitter to vent her surprise.


Speaking to Vice Smith explained they tried to cancel the booking but felt bad as the guests seemed desperate.

Credit to her though, she took the whole incident in good humour.

She said:

Telling people this story, I find many of them are horrified—how could you let this happen? How did you not murder them? What about the police? Honestly, I think I’m lucky to have such a great story to tell about my wedding. My only regret is my soiled rug, which, thankfully, Airbnb is offering to replace. (Though I did ask my dad how to clean orgy out of my rug. His answer: use the stuff that you use to clean car carpets.)

Our only disappointment being that they didn’t even extend us an invitation, it was our wedding night after all.

Seriously, just burn the rug.


Well with the guests apologising and Airbnb promising to cover damages I guess you can’t stay too mad for long.

But Smith is not alone in requiring the accommodation service to pay out after unexpected guests got out of hand.

In Oakland a teenager was arrested for vandalism after trashing the home of a woman who believed she had rented to an older man from Chicago. She hadn’t.

Instead an 18-year-old threw a New Year party for 200 guests who tore the house apart.

Christina McQuillan

And in London one woman was left regretting her choice to use Airbnb as a drug fueled rave broke out in her Putney flat.

Christina McQuillan told the Evening Standard she was punched in the stomach by one guest, and revellers refused to stop partying.


She said:

It was horrific. Me and my partner got to the property and there were hundreds of people on the streets. You could smell cannabis a mile off.

We entered the property and we told her to shut it down immediately. This girl just laughed and said ‘no, I’m holding a party.”

Airbnb are again covering all the damages.

Christina McQuillan

While it’s clearly not advisable to rent out your place for one of the biggest party nights of the year, it could be a lot worse.

One New York comedian has struggled to find anywhere to live after being blacklisted by landlords when someone exploited Airbnb to throw a huge orgy in his pad back in 2014.


That little bash racked up $67,000 (roughly £46,000) worth of damage.

Jesus, looks like some people really take the piss with other people’s property!

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