These Are The Highest Paid Jobs For People Who Hate Other People

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Do you ever think that your job would be seriously improved if you just took away all that communication with other humans?


If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that you’re the sort of person they wouldn’t want around either (no offence).

So here are the highest paid jobs that require no people skills, according to Business Insider.


These all have an average required sociability score of less than 66, and therefore require minimal good-natured interaction with others.


Being a mine shuttle car operator will earn you an incredible £45,168 for operating the shuttles underground, with a sociability score of 64… can’t imagine there are very many people down there!


Being a geological sample-test technician requires a sociability score of only 56. So you won’t have to chat, but you will have to detect the presence of petroleum, gas, or mineral deposits in crude oil.

Being a judicial law clerk sounds pretty simple, you just assist the judge, conduct research, and prepare documents for a comfortable £48,916. As long as the big guy is sound, you’re pretty much sorted.

It turns out that writing original scripts, essays, prose, poetry, and lyrics for publication or performance can earn you £49,193. With a sociability score of 52, it’s quite a solitary life, with your mind being your greatest source of company.

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Just when I thought my sociology degree was useless, they tell me a sociologist can earn £60,224, and is not very sociable because it’s mainly research.

If you’re an astronomer, it’s just you and the stars. For an incredible £84,996 you can observe the universe… sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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For maximum money and minimum human interaction, you want to become a mathematician. They have an average salary of £91,904 and a required sociability score of 58.

Get that notice handed in because you’re probably one of those people who hates customer service but still insists on doing it to spite humans the world over.

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