These Are The Names That Parents Regret Calling Their Kids The Most

by : UNILAD on : 01 Sep 2016 12:08
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Naming your child is kind of important, it’s the first thing that you’ll do for your child that will live with them their whole lives. But a surprising amount of parents feel that they got it wrong.

A survey on Mumsnet has found that almost one-in-five parents regrets their choice, reports The Sun.


That means out of a car-full of your mates one of their parents cringes a little inside every time they say their child’s name. It could even be you.


There is also a theory called nominative determinism that a person’s name has some influence over what they do with their life. So making the wrong choice could also ruin a child’s prospects forever.

However, most parents aren’t as paranoid as me and blamed more normal things like it being too common, hard to pronounce or that ‘it just didn’t feel right’.


These are the names that parents regret the most:

– Charlotte
– Amelia
– Anne
– Daniel
– Jacob
– James
– Thomas

Sorry to anyone named one of the above, especially because a lot of you have probably come to this article after being tagged in the comments by gloating mates.

They are actually really surprisingly normal names, I was expecting ‘Sunbeam’ and ‘Rainbow’ to be on the list. But apparently those parents have no regrets.

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It must suck for parents to have made this massive mistake that they have to live with and pretend they totally don’t regret at all.

I can kind of relate because I have a cat named Custard and it’s taken months for my neighbours to get used to me shouting after her in the back garden.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to teach a cat their name, it’s basically impossible, there’s no turning back now.

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    One in five parents admit they’d call their child something different if they had the chance again