These Are The Signs That You Could Actually Be A Douchebag

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Everybody knows the world is filled with douchebags, but nobody actually thinks that they could be one themselves.

This means that there are thousands, millions, or maybe even billions of douchebags walking the earth, not knowing what they truly are.

Sure, it’s okay to be an asshole sometimes. But there’s a very fine line between confidently telling someone where to go and being the kind of person someone wants to throw off a cliff.

Not sure if you’re one of them? Thanks to the good people over at Reddit, here are the telltale signs:

You make everyone else look bad so you look better.

You don’t have a filter and you know it.


You make jokes at your friend’s expense when you’re with large groups of people.

You think you’re really nice and let everyone know it.

You love to one-up people.

You’re a serial over-exaggerator.

But, most importantly, you do this:

Now you know.