These Are The Surefire Signs That Someone Is Lying To You

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It can often be pretty tricky to work out if people are lying or not, but it turns out there’s a few tell-tale signs to pick up on which will show they definitely are. 


Apparently there are 12 distinct ways in which you can catch a liar out according to the Body Language Of Liars and some of them you might not have considered before, so here’s the rundown…

Too much information

If someone provides you with too much information and gives you too many details which are not necessary at all, then it’s highly likely they are telling a lie…


Author of the book, Dr Lilian Glass said:

Liars often talk a lot because they are hoping that, with all their talking and seeming openness, others will believe them.

They cover vulnerable body parts

You may not have noticed before, but suspected liars will instinctively reach to cover specific areas which are considered ‘vulnerable’ such as the throat, neck, chest or stomach.

Dr Glass added:

I have often seen this in the courtroom when I work as a consultant for attorneys. I can always tell when someone’s testimony has hit a nerve with the defendant, when I see his or her hand covering the front of his/her throat.

They sweat more


This sort of behaviour is synonymous with nervousness and is a surefire sign someone is distinctly uncomfortable in a situation.

This is apparently due to their nervous system ‘working overtime,’ Dr Glass explained.

They move their feet

The way in which people move their feet during an awkward conversation, can tell a lot, as a person moves their feet a lot more when they are nervous, according to Dr Glass.

She said: 

This is one of the key ways to detect a liar. Just look at their feet and you can tell a lot.

It also shows you that he or she wants to leave the situation; they want to walk away.

They point a lot

According to the good doctor, a liar will get hostile, which means they could end up pointing a lot, in a desperate attempt to defend themselves.


They repeat themselves

Apparently potential liars have a habit of repeating themselves to cement their lies further into their minds and to try and convince you by going over the same facts.

They stare

Liars who are intent in succeeding will often really try to maintain eye-contact, in the hope they will be able to manipulate you.

Altered breathing

Dr Glass believes when someone is lying, they will breathe really heavily.

She explained:

In essence, they are out of breath because their heart rate and blood flow change.

Difficulty in speaking

This is apparently a physical reaction due to the nervous system decreasing the amount of saliva, when a person is under stress. This will dry their mouth out and make it increasingly tricky to speak normally.

They touch or cover their mouth

This interesting sign is apparently a classic indicator someone does not want to answer a question or they’re not telling the whole truth.

They become fidgety

People often fidget and move around more when they are nervous, so if a person suddenly starts shifting around then it is highly probably they are not telling the truth.

They move their heads more

This is a bit of a strange one, but apparently the suspected liar will change the position of their head so it’s bowed or tilted backwards or to one side.

Although she didn’t explain too much as to why this might be the case, this apparently usually happens just before a person is asked a question they know they have to answer.

Interesting stuff.

Of course some people are naturally nervous, so perhaps worth considering before you go all out and accuse them…

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