These Are The Ten Most Bizarre Superstitions Of British Citizens, Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 13 May 2016 13:53

It’s Friday the 13th today so naturally everyone is treading lightly in order to avoid bad luck.


Not walking under ladders or smashing mirrors is generally good advice all year round, but today of all days you definitely don’t want to be messing with that kind of evil.

As reported by the i100, British citizens have a far wider array of superstitions than you may expect.

A survey conducted by Powwownow, which asked 2,000 people ‘Do you have any superstitions?’


The answer was an overwhelming yes, and ten of the most bizarre notions have been released to the world.

In no particular order here they are:

You must clap after sneezing otherwise you kill a fairy

So stock up on antihistamine if you have hayfever, otherwise your life will become one never-ending Friends theme tune. That is if you care about fairies, at least.

Always use your left foot on the final step of stairs

We’re not sure of the logic behind this one, but why take the risk, damn it?

Don’t buy emeralds

Watching The Wizard of Oz must have been very difficult for these people.


No peacock feathers in the house

Apparently, some UK households operate a no peacock feather policy – so, if in doubt as to whether your fine collection of peacock feathers may offend your host, play it safe and ask.

Don’t share towels

This seems like pretty solid hygiene advice, so regardless of bad luck maybe follow this one.

Don’t mix white and red Christmas decorations

According to the i100, such a combo equals ‘blood and bandages’. Should be pretty easy to adhere to this one – I mean, it’s not like white and red decorations are traditional or anything…

Look up when going under a sign

You know what, there is always the chance it could fall. Good advice.

Can’t watch a loved one drive off


Someone sounds a tad clingy here, to be honest…

Don’t go out in the dark on Halloween

You could see a spooky ghost or, you know, it could just be like every other night. Either way, if you do hit the streets at night, try not to do it alone.

Don’t cut your toenails on a Sunday

Laziness, craziness, or maybe respecting the Sabbath? Superstition is no excuse for bad hygiene though.

Seriously, who the hell teaches people this stuff?

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