These Are The Things British People Do Better Than Americans


Not that Great Britain needs bigging up or anything, but we do quite a lot of stuff better than our American cousins.

But hey, there’s no need for us Brits to brag about it or anything, it’s very un-British to get involved in such behaviour- so we will let an American do it for us. Sorry, not sorry.


In answer to the question, ‘What do the British do better than the Americans?’ on Quora, Ivy Lee went all BuzzFeed on us and came up with 23 reasons why we are.

But as we’re quite a nice bunch, we’ve only picked a few of the best.

They call soccer football because it’s clearly played with the foot.


No-more needs to be said about this. Period.

They have free universal healthcare, praised as the best in the world, while we remain the only developed country (out of 33) that doesn’t.


Free healthcare for all of us, regardless of how wealthy we are? This must sound a bit alien to you guys, but this is a thing that actually exists here in the U.K. Get your government on it ASAP.

They have a greater grasp of sarcasm, irony, self-deprecating humour and also, the entire English language.


That’s humour guys, not humor.

They have Charles Darwin on their 10 pound note while 42 per cent of Americans still believe in creationism.


We generally can’t comprehend this level of pure delusion and religious fanaticism, when we have some actual proof of anything else bar the big bang, give us a call.

They look at the day first, as in dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy because for around 30 days in a row, the month is the same as yesterday.


This has always confused me, it’s kind of similar to the stubbornness shown in refusing to adopt the metric system (alongside Burma and Liberia). Sort it out.

Before we let you get off too easy, there are a couple of interesting exclusions from the 23-strong list, tea being one.


There’s nothing better in life than a strong English Breakfast tea, fact. But its come to our attention that some people in the U.S drink black tea without milk, we can’t even accept this sacrilege. Stop it, please, for the love of God.

And a more serious note, the police. We have to hand it to them, they beat their U.S counterparts hands down for resolving conflicts without relying on firearms, oh, and they kill far fewer people.


With all that being said though, we can’t forget that America does a lot of things better than us as well- so don’t get too worked up guys.